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Face Lift Surgery

Facelift Surgery in Iran

here are several reasons to choose Iran for facelift surgery in Iran, including:
1. Low Cost: The cost of cosmetic surgery in Iran is known to be far cheaper than in other countries, even in Turkey. Low cost of accommodation at 5-star hotels, as well as other top-notch facilities for tourists, are available.
2. Expert surgeons: Iranian doctors are well-known around the world for their expertise and skills. The outcome of any procedure is significantly influenced by your choice of surgeon.
Every year, around 40,000 Iranian and international patients get facelift surgery in Iran. Facelift in Iran ranks first in the Middle East in terms of experienced surgeons.

The specialists at ParsianMedTour are with you from the moment that you arrive at Iran’s airport until you board your plane home.


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180$For each night

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How much does a face lift cost in Iran?

The cost of a facelift surgery in Iran is between $2,000 and $ 4,000. This surgery costs $9.000 in the U.S., $13,000 in U.K, $4.000 in Thailand and $3.750 in Turkey.
The cost of a facelift surgery depends on the complexity and type of the procedure. Facial liposuction, fat injections, and other similar procedures may be necessary for the patient and will increase the surgery fees.
Don’t hesitate to Call ParsianMedtour consultants for more information about the face lift surgery price. This service is completely free.

Why parsianmedtour for facelift surgery?

ParsianMedtour handles everything for you, from assisting you in selecting the best facelift surgeon in Iran, obtaining a visa for Iran, booking your flight and accommodations, to picking you up from the airport, transporting you to your hotel and hospital, assigning you a personal interpreter to assist you in communicating with your doctor, and providing post-operative care and consultation.

What is a facelift surgery?

A face-lift is a type of cosmetic surgery that makes the face look younger. The procedure can tighten up skin that is sagging. It can also help get rid of the wrinkles on your cheeks and jawline. A rhytidectomy is another name for a face-lift.
This surgery improves visible signs of aging in the face and neck, such as:

  1. sagging skin on the face as a result of relaxation of the facial skin.
  2. Intensification of the fold lines that go between the corner of the mouth and the nose.
  3. Fat layers that have receded or vanished.
  4. The development of jowls in the cheeks and jawline.
  5. fat accumulation on neck that may give the appearance of a double chin or “turkey neck.”

Sun damage, such as wrinkles and fine lines, is not something a facelift can fix. The skin’s appearance and quality may be improved with other cosmetic treatments.

When to Get a Facelift surgery?

In most cases, people under the age of 30 don’t need to get a facelift surgery. People in their 40s, 50s, and 60s, when the first signs of aging start to show, are the ideal candidates for a facelift.
The aging process causes deep lines, wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin, all of which are best addressed with surgical techniques rather than non-surgical ones. Everyone ages at a different rate due to a number of factors, so there is no specific age at which you should start thinking about getting a facelift.
ParsianMedTour provides all kind of cosmetic surgeries with the highest quality and lowest price in Iran. Contact us now for a free consultation.

Pre-operation instructions for facelift surgery

The steps below are critical to ensuring a safe and successful facelift surgery:

  1. Collect necessary lab data or a medical evaluation
  2. Consider switching to other drugs or adjusting the ones you’re already on.
  3. Pre-operation skin preparation which involves applying specific products to the face.
  4. Patients are also urged to stop smoking for 2 weeks after having a facelift to maintain their general health and wellbeing throughout the recovery process.
  5. You should stay away from aspirin, NSAIDs, and any other herbal supplements that may cause excessive bleeding or bruising.
  6. Patients who choose to dye their hair before surgery should do so a week beforehand.
  7. Patients should shower the night before, thoroughly cleansing their face and scalp with germ-inhibiting soap.
  8. The night before their facelift surgery, patients are not allowed to eat or drink anything after midnight.

The steps of a facelift surgery

Facelift surgery includes three steps:


Sedation and local anesthesia, which numbs just a specific area of the body, are sometimes used to do the procedure. In other situations, you might need general anesthesia, which puts you to sleep.

The incision

You can get a traditional facelift, a facelift with small cuts, or a neck lift, depending on how much you want to change.
During a traditional facelift, the cut usually starts at the temple hairline, goes around the ear, and ends in the lower scalp.
Fat can be sculpted or moved around in the face, jowls, and neck, and the deeper layers of skin and muscles are often lifted at the same time and any extra skin is cut away.
To improve an aging neck even more, a second cut may need to be made under the chin. The cuts are closed with sutures or skin glue.

Closing the incisions

Sutures, which may dissolve or need to be removed after a few days, will be used to seal the wounds. When closing wounds, some surgeons prefer using skin glue.
Incisions from a facelift are hidden under the hairline and inside the normal wrinkles of the face and ears once they’ve healed.

Facelift surgery recovery

Facelift recovery times are difficult to predict since they are influenced by a variety of factors including age, health status, and the type of surgery. Recommendations for a speedy recovery are provided below:

  1. Your face will probably be swollen and have bruises. The swelling may get worse before it gets better, but it should go away in 1 to 2 weeks.
  2. You might get some bruises on your neck and chest after a few days. Gravity pulls the extra blood and bruises down, making this happen.
  3. Two to four days following surgery, you might expect to experience some discomfort. For several days, you may have difficulty opening your mouth.
  4. For the next three weeks after the surgery, or until your doctor gives you the green light, you should refrain from intense physical activity.
  5. It’s likely that the area of skin surrounding the incision will be numb. As the feeling returns, you may experience itching or acute pain. For the numbness to fully go away, it may take a few months.
  6. Four to six weeks is the average time needed for a full recovery. However, the final result of the procedure won’t be visible for at least three to four months.

Benefits of Facelift Surgery

Benefits of face lift surgery includes:

  • Tightens Your skin
  • Rewinds the aging process
  • Can be combined with other procedures
  • Natural look
  • Lasting results
  • Both genders can benefit from It

Risks of facelift surgery

Facelift surgery risks, while rare, include:

  • pain
  • The risks of anesthesia.
  • Bleeding.
  • Muscle weakness and facial nerve damage.
  • The accumulation of fluids.
  • Infection.
  • numbness or other changes in the sensation of the skin.
  • Poor wound healing and skin loss

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 7nights stay in a three-star to five-star hotel offered which is preferably near the clinic or hospital

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